Anonymous: nice tt's


Another selfie from today.
I’m like that cute kind of ugly.

Seeing as how I’ve just amassed a multitude of new followers (and I’ve been meaning to post more) how do you guys feel about the prospect of me posting occasionally about fashion? Reviewing online sites and such?

For those of you who are mostly here for the pics, this might entitle casual OOTD posts (outfit of the day) which means more pictures of me?

I wanna branch out to be more than a conceited “me me me” blog and I think this is where I have some potential.

Let me know what you think (either here or PM)?

Anonymous: You're such a gorgeous girl. ✨ You deserve all the confidence in the world!

Thank you! Sadly it doesn’t always pan out that way. I’m pretty insecure but I hope that my confidence will continue to grow. :)


Anonymous: You have the most incredible eyes I've ever seen! <3 A Shy Chubby Bunny

Oh please don’t be shy, Bunny anon. You sound like such a sweetheart! <3

yourgirlfriend-inacoma: you're really pretty and i LOVE your URL and your hair!!

I can’t get over how stunning you are. Thank you so much! I love your outfits and also your little dog! <3 <3

I’ve been neglecting Tumblr a lot, really I’ve been going through a depressive period and it’s been difficult to maintain normalcy in my life.

So sorry for not posting or anything, though I doubt anyone really noticed, haha. I’ll try to be a bit more present in the future.




i have so much to talk about and no one to talk to it sucks

Ya don’t know me but if you wanna talk I am here. :)

Start &#8216;em young. :/
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