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The weather is fierce and so am I. 🍂🌾🍁
Been debating whether or not I wanted to put this picture up but I think seeing as this is a body-pos blog I want to stress how it’s important to embrace and discuss even our most private areas.
I hated my butt growing up. Hated it. I literally envied girls with flat, tiny butts.
 For everyone out there who wishes that they had curvier hindquarters, there’s a class of teenagers laughing at the poor student whose butt just got stuck between two desks as she attempted to leave quietly for the bathroom, mid-lecture of course.
 For everyone out there doing squats hoping to build some butt muscle there’s another poor soul who just can’t pull a pair of jeans over their rear-end.
Big-bottomed girls have recently (and not so recently, bless you Mr. Freddie Mercury) experienced a positive resurgence in the media. Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda comes to mind, for example.
But what does this mean for us endowed downstairs-goddesses?
Firstly, just because the media sexualizes your body type does not mean that you need to personally embrace or exude that sexuality. It can be difficult to feel positive about your body when any hip-swaying strut is met with the hungry eyes of watching strangers, but remember: your body, your rules, your boundaries. If someone disrespects any one of those things, you probably don’t want them in your life. Nobody is entitled to touch you or make any comments that you’re bothered by. Preach that. Practice it.
Secondly, yes you do still have the right to complain. We all complain about our bodies sometimes, more specifically the repercussions of having them. Just because big booties are in does not mean those who have them must be silenced from all self-criticism. Skinny was in (it still is!) and guess how many slimmer people have been discouraged and alienated for feeling the body dismorphia or discomfort each and every one of us experiences? Too many.
Your body is not a caricature. Remember this. Your body is natural and normal and even if it pushes the boundaries of “standard” measurement (whatever that means) it is not exaggerated or obscene or inappropriate.
You can still wear shorts, you can still wear crop-tops, you can wear whatever you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Don’t let anyone pressure you to be more conservative because they’ve taken the liberty of labeling your body as distracting, enticing, or inappropriate. Don’t let anyone pressure you into dressing less conservatively because "You’ve got the goods, so flaunt them!" 
Love, respect, and appreciate yourself always.
I’m so punk I beat MYSELF up.
thevikingspeaks: Good luck with your friend, hit me up on kik or email if you need to talk anything over.

Thank you that’s very kind of you.

My friend’s tests did not show anything and so they are now on the waiting list for another scan.

I’ll actually be returning to Tumblr in the meantime. :)

I’m going on a short hiatus

One of my best friends is waiting on a cancer diagnosis, and after attempting to commit suicide, they really need the support of their friends and family (including me.)

It’s important for me right now to be able to be there for everyone who needs me, and so I’ll be taking a hiatus from tumblr for a little while, just until we’re able to sort out my friend’s medical status and work through future options for him.

I will probably have a chance to sign in at some point and check my messages, but I really can’t guarantee my presence for a little while.

Thanks to all my kind tumblr friends and followers, you mean so much to me. Even though you don’t know him, please keep my friend in your thoughts.

Bless your hearts, and remember, you can overcome suicidal thoughts. I promise.


Literally setting a goal for myself to be more attractive.

I put myself down way too much for not being perfect enough but I actually have no reason to complain when I put off washing my face & hair, sleep in my makeup, and wear the same stupid clothes on rotation.

I’m like "All these other people are so pretty" but I guarantee you a serious portion of them actually try.

So like, starting tomorrow (or maybe Monday)…

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Anonymous: how'd you get your skin and hair to look so flawless i mean jfc it's unfair <3

Wow thx that’s so nice!

Firstly, I just have pretty nice skin. I got really lucky in terms of not inheriting the acne my parents had.

I do break out and stuff, but when I do I usually don’t take pics or I pay special attention to the lighting I use (lighting is everything.) I wash my face in the shower and use an organic scrub and stuff, but if you want my full routine I will gladly post it.

My hair, on the other hand, is total garbage. I’m not even being modest, it sucks. I have to work rly hard to make it look good because it’s so thin and fine.
Like I’m just being honest here it’s not very good. Like the curls are OK but that’s it.

Still, thanks for your kind words. 🍒💛

Anonymous: Hi. How about 22 and 44? Also, if you haven't heard any zac brown band you should give it a try lol

There were two 22’s, lol.

22: Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?

Definitely! I’d probably be really nervous but yes (depending on the person.) We’d have to talk first, though.

22: What was the last dream you remember having?

I had a dream last night that I was taking a walk outside and I looked down into a puddle and in it I saw the reflection of a huge moon. When I looked back up there was this giant natural satellite hovering right above the Earth. I could feel its gravity ripping all the organs out of my body. It was terrifying.

44: What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately?

I’ve really been digging Santigold recently. She’s not a *new* artist per say, but I’m a Lady is one of my fave songs I seriously want to get part of it tattooed on me.


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